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Full Body Dumbbell Quickie

Do you want to try this fun full body workout quickie with me? Grab a pair of dumbbells and let's go!

Full Body Dumbbell Quickie

1a. Squat to press: 3x8

1b. Renegade row: 3x5 each side

1c. Floor press: 3x10



Squat to press: align your knees with your toes, sit deep into the hips, and use your leg drive to press the weight overhead as you ascend.

Renegade row: take a wider stance with your feet for balance and keep a strong plank position without allowing your body to rotate as you row the weight toward your ribs.

Floor press: Bring the triceps all the way to the floor to a dead stop. Press the weight overhead keeping a neutral hand position.

Have a blast and get ready for a new challenge next week!



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