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With Get Glutes, Our Members:

* Learn the most effective resistance training techniques so they can work out with confidence. 

* Walk into the gym with a plan that saves them time and energy so they can think about more important things. 

* Work through full-length exercise video tutorials that make them feel like you have a trainer right in their back pocket. 

* Meet like-minded women who are on the same journey as them, so they never feel alone. 

* Join an amazing community filled with inspiring women from all different backgrounds and fitness levels. 

* Improve their strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility and mobility so they feel and look their best every day. 



Join hundreds of women who have discovered their inner strength through the proven Get Glutes online workout system!

The problem with many fitness programs designed for women is they are deficient in certain areas. They may not help women improve strength, miss the mark when it comes to fat burning, not use their time effectively, leave them completely drained of energy, or are poorly designed so they aren't training every muscle in your body. 

When they begin training using a workout system that builds strength, burns fat, spares your time, and leaves them with energy in the tank, everything changes about their body and their mindset. They feel confident, strong, and ready to take on the world. 

Imagine walking into the gym with a plan that teaches proper exercise technique, trains the entire body from head to toe, helps develop lean, strong muscles, improves overall body composition so it's more athletic and toned, and is time-sparing and doesn't require spending hours in the gym.

That is exactly what world-renowned biomechanist Bret Contreras and life-long fitness enthusiast Kellie Davis built into Get Glutes. They asked the question, "What is the most effective method of working out that will help women regardless of their goals?" From that question they designed Get Glutes, a workout program that helps you achieve your fitness goals regardless of where you start and where you want to travel along your journey.

Get Glutes is also the sister program to their popular women's strength training book, Strong Curves: a Woman's Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body. Many women who finished the programs in the book with great successes were looking for the next step. Get Glutes is the answer. So for those Strong Curves graduates looking for a program that can help them achieve a powerful, sexy physique while building confidence, then Get Glutes is the right program. 

We offer a no-risk 14 day trial so you can dig into our content and see what we are all about. If we are the right coaches to cater to your goals, cancel before the 14th day at no charge. 


For those who want to get stronger, Get Glutes will teach you the best strength-building movements.

For those who want to grow leaner, Get Glutes is designed to be metabolically efficient and burns the most fat possible during your workouts.

For those who want to save time, Get Glutes workouts will have you in and out of the gym in less than an hour, and you can train only twice a week if you need to.

For those who want to build confidence, Get Glutes offers the support via coach and community that you need to answer all of your questions, help cheer you on as you learn, and give you a boost when you are feeling discouraged.

Why should I lift weights?    

get glutes online workouts


Get Glutes At a Glance  

 Join as a Monthly Member, 6-Month Member, or 1 Year Member

  • Comprehensive monthly workouts with full video tutorials, teaching the best methods of exercise.

  • 4 new strength training workouts delivered each month to take the guesswork out of training.

  • Full access to our conditioning workout library, 300+ exercise library, and workout finishers so members never get bored.

  • Private, friendly online community to meet new people, interact with coach, and get technique feedback. 

  • Private Facebook community to meet new friends, chat with your coach, share your success, ask questions, and feel awesome!

  • Bonus articles, recipes, Q and A, and more, because a little extra is always better when it comes to learning. 

  • 14-day free trial with all plans, which means you test-drive us for free, with no commitment. Cancel anytime. 

  • Plans starting at only $25 a month, saving you money for all those pretty new workout clothes. 

 Try Us Free for 14 Days!  


    FAQ for Get Glutes Workout Membership 

    Do the workouts focus only on glutes? 

    No, The Get Glutes Workout system takes you through full-body workouts each week to help you build, sculpt, and shape lean muscle from head to toe. We put a greater emphasis on glute training than other programs because we know a little secret ... you can train the glutes multiple times per week and see even better results. Many workout programs target the glutes once or twice per week, leaving you with lackluster results. 

    Through extensive research and time-tested workouts we have learned that hitting the glutes 3-5 times per week is optimal for building strength and creating curves. This is the same exact principle we use in our internationally selling fitness book Strong Curves. Both the workouts in Get Glutes and the programs in Strong Curves have helped thousands of women achieve the body they deserve through our unique workout system. 

    Get Glutes programming consists of 4 strength training sessions per week. The first three will take you through a full body workout routine, so you train each muscle group multiple times per week. The 4th workout is a lower body intensive workout to give you some extra glute work. 

    In addition to your strength workout routines, you will also have access to a conditioning and cardio workout library plus our bonus workouts called Five Minute Finishers. These are add-ons you can use for any of our workouts if you want a little extra push. The finishers include workouts for the arms, shoulders, glutes, legs, and core. 

    The Get Glutes Workout System includes mobility warm ups to get you primed for your training. We want you to be at your best for each workout session, so we factored in every component you will need to train successfully. 


    What else is included in the program?

    Though the Get Glutes Workouts are the prime attraction, we also have many other fun features you get to enjoy as a member of our community. Inside you will find Ask Your Coach videos, which is a library of question-and-answer sessions put together by Bret and Kellie. We also have a friendly, private forum that is stocked with useful information. In the forum you can meet other members, journal about your experiences, ask questions, have your technique assessed, share recipes and much more. 

    We have a private Facebook community just for members. This place is hoppin' and you will be able to interact with members on a daily basis. Lots of great discussions happen here and we are never short on inspiring photos, messages, and good laughs!

    You will also gain access to our exercise index with individual videos for your workouts, articles and PDF files exclusively for members, and much more. We build in so much great content that you will never feel alone. You can always access your coach with any questions, and friendly members are there when you need them. 

    Community is greatly valued with Get Glutes, and we really want you to feel at home when you train with us. 


    What should I expect after signing up for Get Glutes?

    Once you register through our system you will be given instant access to our content inside. We recommend you go to the Get Started section right away. This section is loaded with information to encourage your success with our workout system. Here you will find an eBook that serves as a guide to help you understand our unique workout program, plus tons of other great information including equipment guides, training schedules, links to our FB page and much more. 

    You will also be given access to our first month of workouts. Here is where the instructional videos are posted with links to printable workout sheets. We encourage you to pop into the forum and say HELLO. The forum gives you chance to tell your story and meet other women who are part of our program. 

    You can change your password in your account once you log in. You will also have 2 weeks to decide whether or not the program is right for you. We won't charge your credit card until the fifteenth day. 

    How much time do I need to commit to my workouts? 

    We know as coaches that time and other commitments keep people out of the gym. We've spent years developing a workout system that works around your schedule. Hey, we're busy people, too. We have families and pets, careers and school. We would never expect our members to adhere to a crazy training schedule that we couldn't manage in our own limited free time.

    Get Glutes focuses on quality over quantity. We know that the length of time you spend in the gym doesn't directly relate to your results. The Get Glutes workouts are metabolically efficient, which means you put in a lot of work in a short amount of time so you can get on with your day. Our average member spends around 3-4 hours a week working out, which we feel is a doable amount of time no matter how stuffed your calendar becomes. 

    Do I need a big gym membership?

    Our workouts use barbells, dumbbells, bands, kettlebells, benches, mats, stability balls, and TRX suspension systems, but you don't need all of this equipment to use Get Glutes successfully. Some members have access to only a few of these items, and with the information provided in the program, they use what we offer to build a program that works for their needs. 

    Coach Kellie and many of our members train in home gyms, so we design our workouts with minimal equipment in mind. We always offer alternatives to exercises for those with less equipment, and if you ever aren't sure what to do, we are only a message away. 

    What is the Get Glutes Community?

    Imagine opening a tab on your phone or computer and a flock of cheerleaders floods your brain with support and happiness. That's what we are all about in both our private Facebook page and member community. We believe you are only as successful as the support behind you. It's our duty to make sure you have the most amazing experience not only during your training sessions, but also while interacting with other members and coaches. Our community support is truly what makes this program special, and we hope you come say hello to us when you join! 

    This special feature of Get Glutes offers you the opportunity to chat with the coaches and other members, ask questions and get honest feedback, share videos and photos for assessment and evaluation, and meet friends that you will probably keep for a lifetime.


















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