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You invest so much into life: your education, career, family, and home. You pour energy and love into everything you do. It’s time to pour some of that energy and love back into yourself with a fitness coach who gets you.

With so many workout programs out there it’s easy to feel frustrated and confused. You spin your wheels, hop from one workout system to the next, and never feel like anyone listens to your needs.

Hi, I’m Kellie Hart Davis, founder of Fit Thrive, Co-founder of Get Glutes, and Co-author of Strong Curves. I dedicated my profession to helping women like you achieve the body they deserve, and I do so with love and compassion because I am a busy woman trying to manage it all, too.

After chatting with the hundreds of women who belong to my online and in person workout programs, I know that you share similar struggles with women all over the world regardless where you are in your fitness journey. Whether it’s time management, lack of direction, need for accountability, or the battle to believe in yourself – so many other women have been there, including me.

You’re about to get exactly what you need in a fitness program. A coach who listens, is compassionate about your needs, and designs a program that works for your lifestyle.

When you commit to your health you are making a huge investment. I don’t take that lightly. As your coach, I dig deep into all the nitty-gritty areas in life that hold you back.

That little voice in your head telling you it’s selfish to take time for you. That nagging (fill in the blank) piling up that distracts you from your workout routine. The comfort foods/drinks that help you forget about your bad day.

Building your dream body isn’t just about following along to exercises. And it’s not about eating broccoli and chicken every day.

It’s about nourishing your soul. It’s about shifting your mindset to believe that you can achieve anything. And not just in the gym, but in life.

Once you learn to let go of all the triggers that hold you back (girl, there are  A LOT of them), and give yourself permission to love and nourish your body whole-heartedly without question...

Then the magic begins to happen.

Having strong, curvy, sexy muscle begin with having confidence. And confidence begins when you begin believing you deserve it.

That’s where I come in.

My plans are expertly designed to help you achieve your fittest body yet, but I also work with you on an emotional level. We will talk about life. About work and family and all the things distracting.

Because, here’s the secret.

Most often to have the body we want, we must build the life we want. The two go hand-in-hand.

All my clients are like family to me. I can’t wait for you to join my family and it’s an honor to be a part of your fitness journey.

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible to get started. I will answer you in a jiffy will information regarding my programming and pricing.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask on the form. 

I look forward to hearing from you.







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 Kellie Hart Davis Fitness Coach

My clients are like family to me. Building a quality relationship with the women I work with helps me better understand their needs and goals. Nothing makes me happier than to watch my clients grow into strong, confident women who go out and challenge themselves each day.

I can't wait to get started with you!

Kellie Hart Davis



One-to-one coaching plans begin at $225 per month with add-on option for nutrition and weekly phone calls. Fill out the inquiry form below and I will get back with you right away. I look forward to getting to know you better and building a strong relationship as your coach.

Here's to good health!

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