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No Stress Workout

Short on time? When life gets busy it helps to take a quick workout break to recharge. This bite-sized workout is perfect to get your heart revved without taking too much time out of your day.

Grab a yoga mat and burn baby, burn!

No Stress Workout


Side lying hip raise 4 x 10

Kneeling plank walk-out 4 x 6

Glute bridge with pulse 4 x 15


Tips Side Lying Hip Raise: Keep the knees at a 45 degree angle and tilt the pelvis back slightly to engage the glutes better. As you raise the top knee, you will abduct (contract) both the top and bottom outer glutes. Keep the movement nice and controlled, slow down the reps, and brace the core.

Kneeling plank walkout: Contract the glutes and quads, push up through the shoulder blades, and brace the core on your set up. Walk your hands out while keeping the spine neutral and pelvis in a slight posterior tilt. If you feel your back arching, stop right before this happens. Don't allow your low back to arch or your abdomen to droop.

Glute bridge pulse: Keep the joints aligned, meaning your knees, hips, and shoulders create a straight line in top position. Knees should remain hip width apart, spine neutral and pelvis aligned. Focus on pressing the hips toward the ceiling with your glutes. Don't allow the back to arch or ribs to flare.

Have fun with this one!

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